Podcasts:   New for Mar-Apr 2011: Those Grey Areas: The Early Stages of Diminished Capacity, Part I.

Coming for Spring 2011,  Neuroscience News - Medical Marijuana & schizophrenia risk, New test to diagnose Alzheimer's, Brain scans to determine criminal culpability

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Bi-monthly "Brain Science & the Law" podcasts (Answers About Competency, © 2010-2011):

Protecting Clients with Brain Injury, 55-minute talk on why the standard neuropsych rap on brain injury is incomplete, with slides.
Note: The information in this podcast was accurate as of June, 2009. Most of it still applies, but new research is always being published. Our more recent CLE workshops keep up with the latest research.
fMRI image

Dr. Valerie E. Stone

Credentials: Email Dr. Valerie Stone (vestone@assesscompetency.com) Postdoctoral fellowships:
  • University of California, Davis, Center for Neuroscience, 1993-97
  • Cambridge University, England, 1997-98
Faculty appointments at:
  • University of Denver, 1998-2003
  • University of Queensland, Australia, 2003-2008