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Reduce frustration and increase results. Get the information you need to work more effectively with legal professionals and provide assessment reports that stand out as being uniquely useful in a legal setting. We help you showcase your expertise and protect your integrity, while at the same time giving lawyers the tools they need to protect their client’s rights.

Complicated cases may require more than standard assessments and reports. When you are faced with an unusually challenging case, get the expert help you need to cut through the confusion and shine.

We offer consulting and continuing education to help you:
  • Avoid the 3 most common mistakes that neuropsychologist make in reports that reduce the effectiveness of those reports.
  • Choose the right assessments, including newly released scientific information about more targeted tests you may have not used yet.
  • Understand how legal ethics and psychologists' ethics differ, and what you need to do to comply with both.
  • Learn how to stand out from competition and make lawyers see you as "one of the good ones" to do assessments.

Dr. Valerie Stone (BA, Harvard, 1985; PhD Stanford, 1990) is passionate about getting the latest science into the hands of professionals who can use it to help people with brain-based disabilities. She is recognized internationally as an expert on social and cognitive deficits in people with dementia, brain injuries, autism, or Asperger syndrome. She has published many scientific articles on how to assess social skill and social vulnerability in such groups, is on the Advisory Board of the Guardianship Alliance of Colorado, and has been on the editorial board of two scientific journals devoted to neuroscience, Social Neuroscience and also Cortex. Download Dr. Stone's Curriculum Vitae.

Dr. Valerie E. Stone

Credentials: Email Dr. Valerie Stone ( Postdoctoral fellowships:
  • University of California, Davis, Center for Neuroscience, 1993-97
  • Cambridge University, England, 1997-98
Faculty appointments at:
  • University of Denver, 1998-2003
  • University of Queensland, Australia, 2003-2008